About us

Beyond desks, papers, screens and calls, we know what it is like in the hiring world. For a people business, the majority of recruiting processes hasn’t been very human centric. It can be unnecessarily stressful, brutal, chaotic and messy. But it doesn’t have to be.

Heyday connects, collaborates and comes through with our promises to create opportunities for successful partnerships. We find the stories behind job applications and match them to roles that build careers and grow companies. While you focus on what truly matters to you, we juggle everything else in between. 


In 2020, we saw an opportunity to make a difference in an industry that excited us. We launched Heyday as a challenger and a new breed of staffing consultancy, where people are the number one catalyst for business change and growth.

We flex where traditional recruitment agencies can’t, and scale beyond the reach of boutiques in designing solutions that addresses unique HR needs. Our mission? To deliver hiring experiences people appreciate and enjoy.

Our values & beliefs

The values and beliefs we built Heyday on are more important today than ever. We aspire to be the strongest and best-integrated talent platform in the industry—and this means we live and breathe our values every day.

Keeping our culture at the core of our business is an intentional act. We hold our values above all else and live them each day because they influence how quickly we grow, who we do business with, who we hire, the people we select, and our goals and investments.

We thrive on open communication, transparency, and a strong ownership mentality.  We create the firm where we want to work and we believe that clients are best served by passionate people enjoying what they do within an organisation in which they have ownership. 

Meet The Team


Sherwyn Goh


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Gail Lau


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