Covid-19 Support

Support for individuals and SMEs affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic

The pandemic has devastatingly fragmented economies, businesses and communities. More announcements have been made about economic measures to safeguard jobs, guarantee wages and support the self-employed, but there is still a lack of clarity in many countries about how these measures will be implemented and how people will manage a loss of income in the short-term.


In a time that calls us to be stronger than ever, we are compiling a list of links that provide aid, relief and network provided by incredible individuals and companies to ease those affected by COVID-19 through tough times. We'll leave no one behind.


If you'll like to contribute resources or share a link to help further this cause, email us at

Resources for job-seekers

  • Startups/Tech: Started by VCs in the region, add yourself to a list of SEA-based talent if you've been recently laid off here.

  • For list of SEA-based companies still hiring, view it here.

  • By Candor: List of global companies freezing and hiring, view it here.

  • Remote jobs: Remote jobs from 100+ global companies that is hiring remotely, view list here.

  • Are you in HR or recruitment? Add yourself to a list if you've been recently laid off here.

  • If you are a taxi driver or a private-hire driver looking to supplement income through delivery of goods, add yourself here. (Singapore only)

Resources for companies hiring

  • Startups/Tech: Database of awesome SEA-based talent here.

  • HR/Recruitment: Database of talented folks in HR/Recruitment here.

Gift vouchers and donations for SMEs

  • The Projector, Singapore - Support Singapore's only indie cinema through memberships, gift vouchers, merchandise or adopt a seat

  • Chope and Save, Singapore - Support local F&Bs by purchasing gift cards

  •, Singapore - Support local bars by purchasing gift cards

  •, Singapore - Support local F&Bs with gift vouchers or a surprise food delivery for your friends

Other resources and support (community groups, relief packages, shelter)